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Welcome to OFS

OurFileSystem (OFS) is a peer to peer file sharing program.

  • The primary purpose is to provide a means of organizing, cataloging and sharing your files with a community. You can add information about files and perform sophisticated search queries to find files of interest and open them. Furthermore, if you share a file with someone else, you'll benefit from any further information they share about the file, even if they have an independent copy. For example, someone else may add a preview to a file, and as long as the SHA512 digest of the file matches your copy, you'll see the preview associated with your copy of the file. Someone else may mark another file as a re-encoded duplicate, or simply add more search terms. You can search information people have shared about their files and download a file from them if you do not already have it.
  • Files are shared within Groups. People can create groups and then allow others access. Within a group, files, and information about those files, can be shared between members of the group. Information about files is distributed to all members of a group so they can be quickly searched locally. Files are only download upon request.
  • Posts and files shared within a group may only be seen by peers that have been given explicit access to the group. The creator of a group can grant others access, and can optionally allow other members of the group to grant access to new members.
  • Any member of a group can add information about a file using templates. Templates can be created by any member and provide a common form for describing files and posting messages to other members of the group. A peer can be a member of any number of groups and can switch between them to post messages and share files.
  • Files are distributed between members that request them in a manner similar to Bittorrent. Small pieces of files are pulled in parallel from any number of members that already have the file.
  • In addition, small public messages can be sent. They will be distributed to all peers in the network regardless of group membership.
  • Private encrypted messages can also be sent directly to other peers regardless of group membership.
  • File extensions can be associated with programs that can open files with that extension. For example, GIMP can be associated with jpeg, and VLC can be associated with avi, etc.
  • OFS can easily run with any overlay network that presents a SOCKS proxy, such as TOR. It can also run on I2P. One of these options can be selected upon initial setup. Once selected the seed peers should be found and you can begin using the network. If you would like to run a seed peer for either I2P or TOR please email.


Please follow on twitter for updates. Or just check back here from time to time.

Please make sure you're running version 0.8.5


Simply unzip and read the readme.txt file.

Please leave your node running! Press search buttons occasionally to see updates.


Technical Details Not guaranteed to be up to date.

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